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Real Estate Weekly

Issue 12 2016

Real Estate Institute of South Australia
The Voice of Real Estate

At REISA, we recognise the importance of being relevant and up-to-date. That’s why we provide our members access to the latest real estate technology. It is an opportunity to improve efficiency and increase productivity.  Adopting new technology makes good business sense (and life a whole lot easier).

The latest adoption is our new on-line partnership with Form One Matters – an Adelaide-based company specialising in Form 1 preparation. They are the first ‘third party partner’ to appear on REI Forms Live.

Form One Matters has made the process of completing the Form 1 a lot easier, both from an agent and vendor perspective, offering a premium service using the latest electronic form technology. The Form One Matters team is professional and extremely thorough in preparing precise and accurate documentation. The process is quick, transparent and trackable. And now, through REI Forms Live, it’s more accessible:

Step 1: After completing an on-line Agency Sales Agreement, click on the PARTNERS tab. There you’ll see a list of our ‘third party’ partners.

Step 2:  Click on Form One Matters Icon. The Form 1 order request will then appear on-screen. All relevant information from the Agency Sales Agreement will be populated to Form 1 request – there’s no need to re-type details.

Step 3: Submit the Form 1 request to Form One Matters, and they will handle of the entire process, including sending the Vendor Questionnaire to the Vendor (on your behalf). Or, if you prefer to be more hands on, you can take a tablet or laptop to the vendor and assist them in filling in their Questionnaire online.

Any communication between Form One Matters and the vendor is automatically sent to you as the Agent, keeping you informed and updated.  For more information, contact Jacqui Pawelski on 0439 810 564 or at jacqui@formonematters.com.au



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