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Categories and Award Criteria

What are the Categories?

Please find below the list of categories for the 2019 Awards for Excellence. You can click on each individual award for the criteria or you can download the criteria for all of the categories here.

Individual Categories

Achievement – Property Manager
Achievement – Sales
Business Broker
Business Development Manager
Buyers' Agent
Local Auction Salesperson
Local Residential Salesperson - Metro
Local Residential Salesperson - Regional
Marketer of the Year
Operational Leadership
Operational Support
Property Manager - Commercial & Industrial
Property Manager - Metro
Property Manager - Regional
South Australian Salesperson - Commercial & Industrial
South Australian Salesperson - Regional/Rural
South Australian Salesperson – Residential

Click here to download the Sales Spreadsheet - Individual

Click here to download the Commercial and Industrial Sales Spreadsheet

Click here to download the Monthly Listing Summary Spreadsheet for the Business Development Manager category

Click here to download the Business Broker Sales Spreadsheet

Office Categories

Commercial & Industrial Agency
Community Service
Marketing & Communications
Project Marketing - Developments
Property Management Agency
Residential Agency
Residential Property Management Team
Residential Sales Team

Click here to download the Sales Spreadsheet - Team

REEF SA/NT Categories

REEF SA/NT Employer of the Year - Small

REEF SA/NT Employer of the Year - Large

Download the Net Profit table here

Download the Current Employee Demographics table here