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Land Tax Reform Package


Session Content:

  • Land Tax Overview
    • Looking back at Land Tax and how this previously applied to Investment Properties.
    • Overview on how Land Tax is set to change from 1st July 2020 and how this has impacted the real estate market.
  • Legislative Update
    • In a nutshell, what are the key highlights of the Reforms that you need to be aware of.
    • Looking at how the aggregation reforms will apply to Individuals, Companies and Trusts.
    • What are the options to minimise increases in Land Tax costs.
    • Key dates for all property owners and professionals to be aware of.
  • The Winners and Losers in Land Tax
    • An overview of the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ from the Land Tax Reforms.
    • Looking at real life property portfolios and the $ impacts on the land owners.
    • What are the concessions that will be available for those needing Land Tax relief.
    • Predicting who will sell off their properties, who will continue to buy for investment and/or development.
  • Statewide Revaluation
    • A reminder and brief overview of the Statewide Revaluation Initiative currently underway.
    • How to advise ones Clients on Valuation Disputes and available options for landowners.
  • What Next
    • How to find out more about the Reforms, Government resources for help, and to advise your Clients.
    • How to pre-calculate ones Land Tax position, now, and take action.
    • Utilising the knowledge of today’s seminar to get ahead in your business and not let the Land Tax Reforms slow the market down.


Elias Farah (Principal Partner) and Peter Dimitrious (Solicitor)


3 March 2020


4.30pm - 6pm


REI House
33 Dequetteville Terrace

Investment (GST inclusive)

Individual REISA Member: $25.00
Non-member: $50.00