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Sir Robert Torrens Award

Congratulations to our 2016 recipients Neil Ottoson (awarded posthumously) and Steven Kemp

(From left to right) REISA President Alex Ouwens, Sarah Ottoson-Crossling and Steven Kemp

The Sir Robert Torrens Award is the real estate industry's highest award.

Named after the founder of the Torrens Title system Sir Robert Torrens, this annual award recognises contributions to the real estate industry that significantly raise the reputation of the profession.

The award is designed to encourage reflection and reward individuals who epitomise leadership, integrity and performance.

The award presents the opportunity for recipients to serve as role models, share models of best practice and offer peer mentoring as a tool to cultivate excellence across the profession.

The following factors are considered when selecting the recipient of this most prestigious award:

  • Positive initiatives that have led to new practices in real estate for the benefit of the profession and consumers
  • Leadership by the nominee which has raised the professional reputation of real estate
  • Leadership in real estate activities (on a State level)
  • Leadership in community activities (on a State level)

Past winners:

Brian Sander 2005
Cliff Hawkins 2006
Paul Henry 2007
Brett Roenfeldt 2008
Anthony Toop 2010
Mark Sanderson 2011
Robin Turner 2012
Robin Matters 2013
Oren Klemich 2014
Greg Nybo 2015
Steven Kemp 2016
Neil Ottoson (awarded posthumously) 2016

This video exemplifies the prestige of the Sir Robert Torrens Award. The professions highest accolade!