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CPM - The Concept Explained

CPM – “The Professional Standard in South Australian Real Estate” Explained

What is CPM? It’s short for “Certified Professional Membership”…

CPM is exclusive to REISA members (MREI)

CPM is a privileged level of membership gained as a result of individual members going above and beyond that normally required to be an agent, sales representative or property manager in South Australia

CPM supports REISA Members in their efforts to remain as relevant, professional and ethical as possible in the pursuit of client excellence

CPM delivers training in core competencies to ensure REISA Members obtain and utilise a combination of skills that will deliver outstanding results in the areas of consumer protection, customer service and involvement in the profession and wider community

Why does the old CPM need a revamp?

  • Real estate is a profession. Until we start using that description, we will never be regarded as a bona fides profession by the broader community
  • REISA is constantly being told by its members (enquiries, membership surveys) that continuing education and training should be mandatory for real estate practitioners each year. Further, CPM must mean something to South Australian real estate consumers and agents. It must be more than an acronym. That is why it is critical that CPM points are awarded for the right things and just not just for “showing up”.
  • The CPM certification is a necessary preliminary step to be considered for the nationally recognised Specialist Accreditations that are under the imprimatur of the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Why does the profession need CPM?

MREI (CPM) post nominal sends a very powerful message to three key stakeholder groups:

The Public
  • Members of the public can clearly identify which practitioners are committed to providing the highest standards of professionalism and ethics
  • The Government can clearly identify the value that the REISA Membership places on the importance of continued professional development and this is reinforced in tender and other contractual work for Government.
Real Estate professionals
  • Real Estate professionals can identify those of their peers who are the leaders in maintaining their relevancy and knowledge of real estate issues

How does CPM benefit you?

Attaining CPM status gives you:

  • A competitive edge in the marketplace
  • The right to use the CPM post nominal in your advertising material
  • A special CPM accreditation certificate for display
  • A special CPM lapel pin for personal presentation
  • Promotion and priority listing on the CPM list for public viewing on the REISA website
  • The opportunity to appear – once yearly – in the CPM list of REISA members in the Advertiser
  • Priority for any media opportunities in a particular area or region

How do I become a CPM?

  1. Apply online via the membership portal (and keep track of your CPM activity) OR contact REISA (application is free but you must be a current REISA financial member)
  2. Gain 10 CPM points by attending a combination of:
    (A) “consumer protection and compliance training” (to a minimum of 5 CPM points)
    (B) REISA community related involvement each year (to a maximum of 5 CPM points)
  3. Complete the required 10 points of CPM EVERY YEAR

(A) What is the definition of ‘Consumer Protection & Compliance training’?

This training is specifically aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of individual REISA members in regards to legislation, ethical standards and practices. Consumer protection and compliance training must focus on issues that benefit the end consumer in real estate transactions.

Examples of topics that are suitable for CPM include:

  • Legislation – PM and Sales
  • Risk Management
  • Form 1 (an approved REISA training course is double the usual points given the importance of the Form 1 disclosure document)
  • Documentation
  • Trust Accounting
  • Effective conciliation in SACAT
  • Conflict resolution and customer service

What does not count as ‘Consumer Protection and Compliance’ training?

The following are the types of training that do not count as ‘Consumer Protection’:

  • Time Management
  • How to increase your sales (eg telemarketing, prospecting)
  • Dressing for success
  • Creating a winning marketing plan
  • Social media

(B) What is an “REI Community-related involvement’ that has CPM points available?

The following are the types of pre-approved “REI Community-related involvement” activities that contribute to and complement the virtues of the CPM Program:

  • REISA Awards for Excellence Finalist (maximum 2 points for non-Community service individual categories)
  • REISA Awards for Excellence Finalist as an individual (maximum 2 points in addition to non-Community service individual categories)
  • Use of REI Forms Live (maximum 2 points)
  • Use of (maximum 2 points)
  • REISA Auction Competitions as competitor or other official role (maximum 2 points)
  • Australasian Auctioneering Championships as competitor or other official role (maximum 2 points)
  • Being a member of and attending more than three quarters of a REISA Consultative Committee, Working Party, Professional Standards Committee or REISA Board (maximum 2 points per activity)
  • Completion of CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) or CPP50307 Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) or relevant Property Management Course of competency with the Real Estate Institute of SA (maximum 5 points per annum for one year after completion of same upon minimum sale of 2 properties or property management of 10 properties)
  • Being a real estate professional on the Government approved list of advisers to the Supreme Court (maximum 2 points)
  • Being appointed and being substantially responsible for managing a situation whereby the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs has used powers of appointment in relation to a distressed agency (maximum 2 points)
  • Fellow OR Life Member OR Torrens Award recipient (maximum 2 points being perennial while holding any and all of these titles)

What does not count as an ‘REI-Community related involvement”?

  • Attendance at the REISA Awards for Excellence
  • Attendance at REISA “Meet & Greet” events
  • Attendance at Career Information Evenings

Do I have to do all my training at REISA?

A minimum of half of any points for CPM derived from consumer protection and compliance training must be gained through training completed with REISA (ie onsite, webinars, conferences, or as requested as in house training for trading entity members). A minimum of five of the ten required CPM points must come from training. Any remaining points may be gained at REISA or through any other training provided it meets the REISA definition of consumer protection and compliance and has prior approval for CPM points allocation from the REISA Training Manager. Members must provide details of any training curriculum completed outside REISA to the Training Manager for assessment and at least 3 months in advance of the scheduled time of the training.

How can Franchises/ Marketing Groups help their people achieve CPM status?

Many franchises and marketing groups organise their own in-house training. When you are planning your next training session, contact REISA’s training department. The Training Manager will work with you to tailor some or all of your professional development programs, to ensure the training produces outcomes that meet the REISA requirements for the awarding of CPM points. If requested, REISA is able to run CPM training for franchises / marketing groups.

To join the CPM program, or to register for forthcoming CPM Training sessions at the Institute, contact the Real Estate Institute on 8366 4300 or email