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What is

myreiagent provides two extra types of functionality to complement the REI Forms Live functionality. First, it enables individual agents to publish their listings and display recent sales (this functionality will also be extended to property management) to demonstrate their level of experience and expertise in a locality. Secondly, it provides the ability to get authentic feedback from Vendors who have used your service.

Who owns

REISA owns

Does apply to property management?

Plans are to introduce the feedback process from landlords in early 2014- however, rental listings will commence immediately.

What is the rationale behind

It is a simple one premised on the fact that vendors and landlords choose agents. It can be likened to TripAdvisor (trademarked) where the information of actual users of hotels provide ratings. Surely the better your service the more likely you are to command a better price for your professional service.

Do I have to use REI Forms Live to use the feature?

You must be using REI Forms Live to use the functionality.

Do I have to be an individual member of REISA to use functionality, along with REI Forms Live was built for individual members of REISA and that's why individual membership is important and required. However, individual membership will be waived until the end of the first quarter of 2014.

How does the feedback and rating system actually work?

As the agent you can decide whether to turn on this functionality. Upon certain events happening (eg the completion of a sales agency agreement by virtue of a sale or expiry), a unique URL will be provided to the vendor's nominated email address to provide ratings and a comment. The vendor can choose to respond if they so wish.

What rating and comment system does use? takes a minimalist approach asking for 1. A rating of the service out of five; 2. A rating of whether you would recommend them to friends or family (otherwise called the net promoter score); and 3. Any further comment they would like to provide.

Do review and rating systems ever work as they are either contrived by people or misused by anonymous users to cause trouble?

REISA provides this functionality based upon known vendors (and landlords in time). The Agent knows who the person is that they are dealing with through the creation of a properly executed sales or property management agency agreement. It is the agreement that should give you comfort that comments and ratings are actually coming from your customers-unlike many other rating and review systems that enables anonymous feedback from anybody- even your competitor!

What if I don't like what the vendor has to say?

You always have a right of reply. You also have the ability to turn off this functionality.

After turning off the feedback functionality, and I turn back on the rating and review functionality, will the earlier reviews and comments be there?

Yes. However, the ratings and review system picks up as the rating only the last five transactions where there has been a review provided.

What if I like what the vendor has to say?

Enjoy and remember you always have a right of reply.

How many ratings must I obtain before a rating is on

You must have a minimum of five vendor ratings for it to appear on the website. Only the last five ratings and comments make up your rating. Having said that, all ratings from a historical perspective will remain available for review.

Does a vendor have to respond?


What if I don't want a particular vendor commenting on my level of service?

The system relating to ratings and review is an "opt in, all in approach". You cannot pick and choose which vendors you want the review to either be sent to or included in your rating.

What are the questions asked of vendors as part of the feedback and rating system?

See the answer relating to what rating and comment system is used by - to see the three questions featured in the system.

Customer feedback sounds scary- so what protections are there to protect my reputation?

You decide to turn on this functionality. You know who your vendor is-correct. You have a right of reply-correct. REISA has a moderating role in relation to the comments provided by vendors/landlords and agents themselves to ensure comments are limited "to playing the ball and not the person". The terms of use of the website provide further detail.

Won't real estate agents simply rort the review and rating system?

Ensuring qualified and authenticated review and comments is the bedrock of capturing word of mouth marketing. Any agency agreement will lead to an opportunity to provide ratings and reviews.

Can someone other than a Vendor provide a rating and review?

Only a vendor that has provided an email address in a sales agency agreement, (and the individual agent having turned on this functionality), can provide a rating and comment.

Can't an agent simply create a fictitious vendor and address to enable them to do their own rating and comments?

There are a range of internal checks to ensure this does not happen. By way of one example, the physical address would need to be a real address.

When ratings and reviews get published, what information about the vendor gets displayed?

The first name and suburb is disclosed only.

As an agent, will I know what vendor is providing a rating and comment?

Yes as the first name and suburb is disclosed only throughout the process.

Is the functionality just another listing portal? is about connecting a vendor or landlord to the right agent. It is best described as a vendor/landlord listing portal. A vendor being able to access information about the particular locality expertise of an agent, through listings and past sales, combined with qualified and authenticated ratings and reviews of past vendors is also of assistance.

Why should I put up my listings?

Vendors choose agents they wish to deal with- that is obvious. We believe that providing agent details as to local areas of specialty and expertise is important in assisting Vendor decisions. Likewise, capturing the word of mouth commentary through the rating system is also important. All of this combines to provide potential vendors with relevant information.

How does the system allow me to put up a listing?

Your sales agency agreement or your property management agreement creates the formal relationship and the opportunity to publish a listing. Agent Connect ensures that you as an individual can create a listing on the website immediately upon signing the agency agreement.

Can I pay to get better ratings or even my listings to appear first?


How do my past sales or leases get captured on

Your sales or property management agency agreement will lead to a sale or lease. REI Forms Live documentation enables the original listing to be captured as well as recognising a related sale or lease of the same property. That documentation creates the listing as well as the past sale or lease.

Why is REISA providing this feedback functionality given that, it is after all, there to look after agents interests only?

To say REISA exists to look after agents interests only is shortsighted. Without having property consumers in mind, we would only be doing half our job. Providing authenticated feedback from vendors (and eventually landlords) will enable good customer service to feature in the vendor decision making process.

Shouldn't REISA simply remain as a trade association and not get involved in such rating and feedback systems?

Rating and feedback is happening right now on the internet albeit with anonymity. By providing vendors with a genuine opportunity to comment on customer service, we believe, this is an opportunity to enhance the relevance and reputation of agents in land transactions. To celebrate what is at the heart of real estate being customer service is very important.