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RESO (Formerly REBid) Training

As the real estate transaction inevitably becomes paperless, RESO gives Agents the ability to stay ahead of the curve and remain in the centre of the transaction by creating a positive experience for one buyer or many.

  • Integrations reduce tedious admin time. Direct integration with REIformsLIVE means little to no data entry for a completed contract.
  • Instant notifications when buyers access the sale or submit offers
  • Paperless transactions means you can manage offers and conditions online, anywhere anytime. With instant notifications for you and buyers when there has been an update
  • Multiple offers can still maximise the sale price using the 'REBid feature' which has proven results for over 100 Agents in SA

RESO is an everyday tool that makes real estate simple - attending this introductory session qualifies you for a free platform trial and in office training - but hurry! Sessions capped at only 12 participants!

Wednesday 7 Aug 2019

TIME: 10:00am - 11:30am

Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

TIME: 10:00am - 11:30am


Jane Willson : Tim Morris Real Estate on her recent sale at 20 Dunrobin Road, HOVE. SA

‘What did your buyers say when you told them about using RESO for this sale?’

“One of my favourite responses from a buyer through the open house was ‘So is everyone going to be using this? ..because it sounds fantastic!!’”

‘Why did you choose to manage your sale with RESO?

“with Enquiries from buyers online at all hours - it makes sense to have a platform that works for them to access the property they’re interested in at all hours”

“Reso provides an authentic transparent communication line from the agent to the buyers”

How did RESO better facilitate the offer process?

“In the sales I had, buyers who registered, put an offer in within half an hour”

‘How easy did you find RESO platform to use?’

“Not being a tech head, the process was fantastic - Simple straightforward and easy to use”

Baldeep Dang , Sales Partner Xsell Property North Adelaide

“We just started using RESO couple of week ago and it’s the best innovation real estate industry have achieved in a while. It synchronises with REI forms and saves so much of time as it prefills most of the details at the time of Contract, it’s transparent and the best part it’s paperless. I did my 1st sale through RESO last week, sent the invitation to buyer at 12.42PM and received an offer at 1.40PM which is within in a hour. It normally does not happen with your traditional offer forms. I think all the agents should be on this platform as it also helped me securing a listing by showing this platform to my vendors”

Brett Johnston Real Estate WA

“Within two weeks of using RESO I had my first Buyer use the platform which resulted in a cash sale within 24 hours of the Buyer viewing the property. I have found the RESO platform to be a simple process, where the agent is still in control yet enables Buyers to review sales documentation and make an offer online at their convenience.”