Become a member of REISA

As a member of The Real Estate Institute of South Australia Limited (REISA), you become an invaluable voice in the real estate profession. REISA is the leading player in the real estate profession in South Australia and by becoming a member, you will have exclusive access to a range of products, services, training and resources specifically designed to help keep you at the top of your profession. REISA focuses on emerging trends in the real estate profession and provides its members with leadership and stability as well as representing your views to Government, industry and members of the public.

Certified Professional Membership

REISA will accredit you as a Certified Professional Member if you obtain 10 or more points throughout the year. You can gain points through training, professional development, attendance at events, winning an award, joining a Committee – the list goes on.


REISA will provide you with information about everything real estate.

  • Monthly e-newsletter (The Exchange)
  • Quarterly market updates and house price statistics
  • Direct emails on real estate news, rulings and consumer advice
  • Updated legal information – judgments and SACAT decisions


REISA will provide you with professional development training.

  • High quality professional development courses that are tailored towards emerging trends and legislative changes in real estate
  • Special discounted prices for REISA members
  • Constant rotation of courses in sales, property management, customer relations, Form 1, trust accounting and commercial leasing
  • First class trainers including lawyers and leading industry professionals


REISA will work with you to represent your voice to the Government, industry and members of the public.

REISA will work with you to help solve any complaints or disputes you may have through its dispute resolution process.


REISA will give you access to many opportunities for networking throughout the year.

  • Awards for Excellence in Real Estate
  • Commercial and Industrial Events
  • REISA Property Management and Sales Conferences – with discounted prices for members

Online products and services

REISA will provide you with the most advanced and up to date online products and services:

  • REI Forms Live - integrated with your CRM package (currently integrated with Rest Professional, MyDesktop, PropertyMe, REI Master, REX Software, Sherlock Software and many more)
  • DocuSign which allows you to never see a piece of paper again – get everything signed, sealed and delivered online.

Exclusivity and member rewards

REISA will provide you access to:

  • Exclusive goods and services at special rates

To access the Online Forms software, call REISA on (08) 8366 4300 for more details.

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