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20 Mar 15

Most businesses now acknowledge that they ‘should’ be on social media but for many business owners, just the mention of the ‘F’ word conjures up all of the bad stories that the media reports.

Facebook paved the way for businesses to have greater access to communicate with customers and clients through their Facebook Pages. Gathering likes, posting engaging content and building relationships for the long term.

Now, add to the mix Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and why not throw blogging in as well and all of a sudden the idea of ‘doing social media’ just seems overwhelming.

I’d like to share with you some hints for helping you manage your social media, whether it be one platform or many.  But first of all, let me ask you a few really important questions:

Why are you venturing into the social media world? What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to drive more traffic to a specific page on your website? Or, do you want more subscribers to your eNewsletter? Or, do you want people to support your fundraising event? If you don’t have a purpose then you may find social media may chew up a lot of time with little result – it’s hard to measure if you don’t know what you’re measuring!

So which social media platforms should you be on? Simply, ‘fish where the fish are’. Establish which platforms your potential customers and clients are on and start there. Please don’t think that you need to be on every social media platform; there are some platforms that are just not suitable for the conveyancing industry such as Pinterest. So, do your due diligence and research the platform before signing up.

Top Tips:

  • Keep branding consistent across all platforms. The ‘look’ of your profiles should be similar. Use the same colour schemes, logo and imagery – this makes up a part of your branding.
  • Complete your profiles in full and secure your unique URLs. If you’re going to create a profile, make the effort to create it in full adding all of the relevant information, contact methods and appropriate imagery.
  • Add links to your website and team’s email signatures which point to your social media profiles
  • Plan your posts ahead of time using a content calendar
  • Encourage current customers and clients to connect with you (put a sign at reception, highlight the fact in your eNewsletters, place the social media logos on your business cards)
  • Ensure you and your team commit to doing social media well and lead by example in your industry

Finally, just a few social media etiquette reminders:

  • Always give credit to your sources – acknowledge the source of your posts and messages
  • Communicate with your social media followers – if someone has taken the time to ask a question or make a comment, make sure you reply
  • Never delete posts – (good or bad).  Always be transparent in your
  • ‘openness’ to receive feedback.
  • Don’t SPAM other profiles or pages

Article by Kerryn Page, Director Quisk Design and Founder, Big Picture - the 'Give Back' Initiative.