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3 subtle secrets to make your open home dazzle

28 Jul 14

Lights! Camera! Open home! Staging an open home is something you're going to do countless times in your real estate career. But whether it's your first or your 1,000th time, it's never a bad moment to get a refresher on some of the trade secrets that make an open home really pop. These aren't the big showy tips that will make your visitors gasp in wonder - they're a quieter, subtler influence on your buyers' psyche. 


Getting the lighting right

No buyer wants to feel like they're wandering through a castle on the Scottish moors. You want your home to be warm and enticing. One clever tip to achieve this is to increase the wattage of your various lights - suddenly even you'll be surprised at how good your home looks.


Make them feel they're getting the royal treatment

Your home is hardly the Hilton, but that doesn't mean you can't trick the buyer into thinking he or she's just stepped into one. Place small baskets of scented soaps, moisturisers and other bathing products on the countertop of your bathroom just like a hotel would. Your kitchen or dining room table should have a basket full of fruit, too - give your place the feeling of overflowing abundance. 


Mimic the feel of bigness

The home might be, let's say, cosy. But it's not the end of the world. With the right measure taken, the buyer will feel like they're walking through Versailles. Try painting the walls of different rooms the same colour so as to create a seamless flow between spaces. It will appear to the mind's eye as if it were a single, large room. 


The power of three

The three fates, the Holy Trinity, the triple-headed Cerberus - the number three has always had a special symbolism in all human cultures. Use this in your open home. When decorating, arrange objects in threes, in a triangle formation, and vary their shapes and heights. 

The buyer will be so charmed, they'll never know why.