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3 techniques to nail your listing presentation you haven't considered

29 May 14

Dating and being a realtor are surprisingly similar, something that's clearest in the process of giving a listing presentation. In both cases, you're courting someone who has a number of suitors, and you're seeking to form a more long-term relationship with them. There are a number of surprising ways to win that seller over in the listing presentation that have little to do with the presentation itself.

1. Connect with the seller

We like to think that we're rational decision-makers, but the truth is humans are just as influenced by completely irrational emotional cues. Try and form a rapport and relationship with the seller and he or she will be more likely to trust and favour you. Use active listening and ask them lots of questions about themselves. People tend to flock to those who show interest in them, and you will stay in their mind long after the presentation's over.

2. Be the last one on their minds

It's been shown that people tend to remember best what they saw last. Keep this in mind when you are booking in an appointment for your presentation. By positioning yourself to present last out of all the others, you ensure that you'll be most prominently in their thoughts. If you're lucky, the seller might even decide to list with you that very night, something they couldn't do if you were middle of the pack. 

3. Follow up

Keep yourself at the forefront of the seller's thinking by following up on the presentation. Send them a personal, handwritten note to foster a greater connection or give them a monthly update with helpful information. But don't be too eager - you'd wait at least two days before calling that special someone you just met, and it's no different with sellers. 

Give these tips a go next time you're trying to secure the seller - you'll be surprised at the results.