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3 things you should ask your real estate agent

9 Aug 13

Selling a home involves a lot of work, which is why you need a good real estate agent to help you out.

Before appointing one to manage the sale, however, there are several key things you should ask them to make sure they can do the job for you.

By following these real estate tips and asking the right questions, you can make a quick assessment of the agent and whether they will meet your needs.

Here are three things you should find out before selecting an agent:

1. Will they help with relocation?

A good real estate agent won't just sell your house; they will also facilitate your move into your new property, according the Keeping Current Matters blog.

Moving house requires excellent timing and coordination, and you'll likely want to move into your new property as soon as your current home is sold.

Your agent should be willing to help you out with all your real estate needs, to prevent issues such as having nowhere to stay once your house is sold, or having to simultaneously manage the expenses for two properties.

2. Will they provide references?

You wouldn't hire a job candidate without checking reliable, external sources. The same applies to your real estate agent.

Caitlin Uttley from TLC recommends that you get in touch with their referees and previous clients, to get an idea not only of their professional skills, but also what they are like as a person and what it is like to work with them on a regular basis - for example, are they easy to get in touch with at important times?

3. What is their marketing plan?

Your agent will need to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers, and advertise it in the right channels to the right audience. states that you should ask your agent about their style, such as where and how often they advertise, and how they will make use of online marketing methods.

Choose a REISA approved real estate agent and get peace of mind from knowing that you are dealing with a qualified professional who follows a strict code of conduct and values higher standards.