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4 tips for getting your listing presentation right

29 May 14

Listing presentations can be nerve-wracking. The pressure's on to secure that seller, and this is the make-or-break moment. Along with doing your research thoroughly and getting well-prepared for the presentation, there are a number of other ways to impress your seller that are equally as important.

Create a pre-list package

When you go to the cinema, do you ever feel like the trailers are better than the actual movie? Getting a preview of something new is exciting and awakens the possibility of the unfamiliar. Make use of this by sending the seller a taste of who you are as a realtor - biographical information, your resume, even samples of your plan. You'll be sure to stick in their minds.

Make use of technology

This doesn't mean simply using a PowerPoint presentation - in the digital age, a computer slide show is a standard tool that won't impress anyone. Instead, get the seller involved in the pitch by making an interactive presentation. Putting it on an iPad and letting the seller click through themselves will give them a feeling of agency and make them feel involved in your strategy before they've even decided on you.


Back up your words

The sleazy salesman of movies and television is such a tired trope by now that most customers have learnt to take a marketer's words with the tiniest of grains of salt. Having well-written, specific and well backed-up testimonials will help you secure the seller's trust. These can't just be generic statements - they have to have statistics and figures backing up your performance. Likewise, find flattering statistics about your own record and promote them to the seller.


Make it about them

The seller will instinctively trust you more if he or she sees that you are looking out for their best interests. So don't make the presentation about yourself. Think of ways to re-frame your points so they are revolving around the seller and how you are the best person for fulfilling their needs.

Keep these points in mind and you're sure to have success.