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A career in real estate might be the perfect fit for you

9 Oct 13

Whether you're entering the job force for the first time or looking for a change of career, real estate could be the right move for you.

If you're a self-motivated people person, love property and don't mind rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in, you might be the perfect fit for a role in the real estate sector.

Careers in the property industry can afford you freedom and flexibility not found in many other markets, and you'll often find that your income directly reflects the amount of effort you put in to your job.

The barriers to entry to a real estate career can be lower than in other industries, and there are specialist real estate training courses available to help kick start your career. Many are available online, which is great for people who live remotely or don't have the time to attend regular classes.

Real estate work can be really varied, from helping people to sell and buy homes and industrial property, to organising and advising on property management and mortgage banking.

If you're more mathematically minded and love numbers, a career in commercial real estate may be the perfect fit for you as the stakes can be higher, bringing potential risks and also greater rewards.

If you love helping people and are interested in helping families find their dream homes, residential real estate could be right up your alley. You can still earn a tidy commission in this industry, without the risks associated with dealing in commercial property.

To be successful in the industry you should be self-motivated, goal-oriented and ambitious. While you may often have to work long hours, the rewards are plenty. There's huge potential for high earning, along with some autonomy and flexibility in workloads and hours.

You'll also get to meet a range of people and flex your gift of the gab, which can provide an excellent intellectual challenge.