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A day in the life of a property manager

13 Sep 13

A real estate career in property management is ideal for anyone who thrives in busy environments where they deal with a wide range of people.

You will need exceptional time management, negotiation and people skills to maintain the upkeep of your properties and their tenants.

What are some of the tasks you'll be juggling in an average day as a property manager?


Essentially you will be acting as the link between a property's owners and the people that inhabit it, so you will need superb liaising skills.

You have to ensure that your management of the property is in the best interests of both parties while maintaining a neutral standpoint.

Resolving complaints

From leaky roofs to faulty heating systems, you will be on call at all times of the day to resolve the complaints of your tenants.

You will need to take a hands-on approach to quickly and effectively provide solutions for your tenants.

Property maintenance

Being a good property manager also requires you to take a proactive approach in making sure your property is well maintained at all times.

This involves keeping an eye out for any tenants who are misusing the property or breaching the terms of their lease.


One of your most important tasks, from the property owner's perspective, is to make sure the property maintains a high level of occupancy.

Listing vacancies and finding the right people to fill them is all part of the job.

Collecting rent

Finally, it is of course important to make sure the tenants are paying their rent on time!

Therefore you will need good people skills and a diplomatic approach to dealing with any stragglers.

Property management might sound a bit daunting to some, but with the right real estate training, anyone can enjoy this rewarding profession.

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