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Back to the Future

11 Aug 16

There is a property revolution in South Australia and the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) is leading the charge.

For a long time, the real estate profession was prevented from using modern methods of communication for the provision and signing of documents.

Not any more.

REISA CEO Greg Troughton said “We lobbied the State Government hard for three years to remove the exemption from the Electronic Transactions Act that prevented real estate transactions from partaking in the electronic revolution. We are delighted that Attorney-General Rau supported our proposal and has allowed real estate to enter the 21st century”.

“Gone are the days of snail mail, pen, ink, paper, printers and scanners.”

This week, the revolution went full circle as REISA and local tech firm, Dynamic Methods (see below for further information) switched on the Docusign functionality on REI Forms Live to enable South Australians to partake in the modern way of doing real estate business in this State.

“This is fantastic news for the real estate profession and their clients. We have a brilliant online platform, a trusted and reputable verification process and now, a transaction that could not be simpler”.

“Signed, sealed and delivered has a new resonance in South Australia today” Mr Troughton said.

Media comment – REISA CEO– Greg Troughton – 0419 813 955

Dynamic Methods provides Australia’s leading cloud based real estate forms platform – REI Forms Live (Realworks).

It makes form management easier for approximately 7,000 agencies across Australia and over 35,000 individual users. Assisting in over 9 million real estate transactions to date.

Their name says it all – they use dynamic methods. Dynamic Methods are in constant evolution; there is no end to what they can do, what they can improve. They are explorers of intricacy and the unknown. Motivated by challenges and the seemingly impossible. To them, there are no barriers – challenges are just gateways to discovery.

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