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Behind the sign

13 Jun 14

As the marketplace changes, Members may consider they should employ new methods to advertise their properties and market their services.

As a member of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, you are bound by the Real Estate Code in your real estate dealings.  A copy of the Code can be found on the REISA website.

Of concern is the growing practice of some in the real estate profession deliberately going behind the sign to entice vendors into an alternative sales agency agreement.

The Code defines Behind the Sign activity as: the act of a practitioner approaching another practitioner’s client to solicit business; and that a practitioner should not solicit clients of other practitioners or engage in behind the sign behaviour (with the exception of mass deliveries or promotions material which includes a disclaimer).

While some agents interpret the Code narrowly, REISA interprets the code broadly to capture any deliberate contact with another agent’s client.

Certain East Coast techniques are not condoned by REISA and we assure members appropriate action will be taken.

Principals should be aware that should any of your staff engage in such practices AND that particular staff member is NOT an individual practicing member, then REISA will be holding the Principal responsible for any such breach of the code, and any consequences that follow will be entirely attributable to that Principal. 

Should a member find themselves the target of behind the sign activity, please forward the correspondence in question and any supporting documentation to Kate Southcott