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Choosing the right agent: What should you look for in a real estate pr

13 Mar 14

Hiring a real estate agent to help you should be one of the first things you consider when looking into selling your home. An agent's real estate advice and expertise will help you earn the best possible return from your property. 

After all, selling your home is a huge commitment of both time and finances. You want someone who has undertaken real estate courses and knows the ins and outs of the market to be batting on your side, rather than going it alone or without someone who has completed basic real estate agent training

But choosing your own agent comes down to personal discretion. Here are some things you may wish to consider in the long run. 

Excellent communication skills

Real estate agents need to be good at getting messages across to potential buyers, as well as explaining complicated property jargon to you in simple, easy to understand terms. Because of the marketing involved with selling your home, this skill is crucial to ensuring you achieve the best deal possible. 

Knowledge of local markets and national trends

Having an in-depth knowledge of the local market will help your agent effectively highlight the main drawing cards for your property to buyers in order to win them over and encourage them to attend your auction or place an offer on your property. 

Furthermore, being aware of the overall trends and occurrences in the Australian real estate landscape will allow them to approach the sale of your home with a wider context in mind. This could mean something as simple as highlighting a relevant, current trend in your home as a selling point.

Friendly and affable

No one knows how long it could take to sell your home. Therefore you'll want to find an agent you don't mind building a strong working relationship with. Someone you can get along with on friendly terms will be a lot more beneficial in the long run, helping to alleviate stress and reach a satisfying sales conclusion.