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Everything you need to know about real estate in Adelaide

28 Nov 13

If you're just starting out on your real estate career or are a professional new to the area, it's important you get to grips with Adelaide's thriving property market.

Run through the following information so you're properly equipped to offer real estate advice to buyers and renters in the community.

Median price

The median house sale price over the past 12 months in Adelaide is $494,000. To rent, the median price is $420 per week. However, these prices fluctuate depending on how many bedrooms the property has.


Adelaide has an in-demand housing market, with an average of 22 people looking at any given property in Adelaide, increasing to 29 people for SA properties as a whole.

Who lives here

The bulk of Adelaide's population is made up of independent youths, with those aged under 35 comprising just over 35 per cent of all people living here. The second largest group of people residing in the area are those in the maturing and establishing independence category, made up of families, couples, extended families and single parents aged between 33 and 44.

Elderly singles make up the third largest group of people in Adelaide.

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Adelaide has a population of just over one million people, and is well regarded for its compact nature where major beaches and the airport, among other features, are close to the city centre.
According to 2011 Census data, just under 80 per cent of all dwellings in Adelaide are separate houses, while just under 10 per cent are units or flats. On average, 2.4 people live per household.

In terms of tenure, around 33 per cent of all homes are owned outright, with another 35 per cent owned with a mortgage. About 28 per cent are rented, so there is a great opportunity here for real estate agents and property managers alike.