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Extra Funding for ASQA Welcomed

13 Oct 14

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement today to bolster training and skills development compliance.

In its pre-budget submission earlier this year, REIA called for an improvement in the quality of the delivery of vocational education and training.

REIA CEO Amanda Lynch says, “We have been calling on the Government to act to ensure that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is adequately resourced to ensure new nationally approved quality standards are met for vocational education and training (VET).”

“As well as poor training practices, there are weaknesses and a lack of rigour in the methods of accessing recognised prior learning and the assessment of student competency. Today’s announcement of an additional $68 million in funding over four years for ASQA has given it a sharper bite and I congratulate Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane for his decisiveness,” Ms Lynch commented.

“We also congratulate the Government on responding to industry concerns that ASQA’s focus should be on a risk-based approach to regulation which will scrutinise those disreputable Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and brokers offering quickie courses that compromise industry standards.”

“REIA firmly believes in the value of quality training and wants to see a strong+ focus on industry specific skills training that delivers graduates who are ready to work,” Ms Lynch continued.

“Many of our members report that they are looking to hire and they are seeking employees with the right skills that will enable them to not only hit the ground from day one but come to the position with a clear understanding of performance expectations and a view to staying in the role as a long-term career,” Ms Lynch concluded.