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Female Auctioneers. A rare breed of talent.

30 Oct 13

It's a simple question. Is it time for a female division of the Australasian Auctioneering Championships?

Let’s face it. It’s a male dominated industry and the “fair go” attitude that we try to live by does not always apply to women. 

In the world of competitive auctioneering, are women’s voices equally heard?

The argument against a female only competition is valid; women and men should be able to compete in the same competition and the best person win. But the pretext of equal access to the championships does not translate into reality.

Unfortunately it’s not a level playing field and our female auctioneers are missing out on the opportunity to further develop their skills, showcase their talent and gain invaluable experience by competing nationally.

Unless we give our female auctioneers the opportunity to compete nationally and gain the necessary experience, we have failed in the pursuit of true equality. Am I rocking the boat? You bet. If anyone wants to join me: