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Good News Week

23 Nov 17

The famous American journalist, Edward R Murrow once said “we cannot make good news out of bad practice”.

And he could not be more correct.

The recent REISA Awards for Excellence introduced a new concept – the mystery shopper. 

REISA CEO Greg Troughton said “This concept was a testament to our commitment to making the real estate profession as relevant and transparent as possible.  The Awards have always been about submissions and interviews, but this year we wanted to test the finalists where it matters most – on the ground.  We wanted to make sure the on ground experience matched what the nominees were saying in their submission”.

‘Too often, we hear the negatives, we read the headlines and we watch the tales of unhappy consumers.  It is easy to become somewhat jaded.  The service and integrity of the overwhelming number of real estate professionals gets lost in the crossfire”

“However, the results from the mystery shopper experiment were fantastic and the consumer experience was rated as exceptional across the board.  It is important not to let the actions of a few derogate from the excellence of many”.

“As REISA rapidly approaches its 100th Anniversary, it is time to reflect on the good times.  And REISA will keep the real estate profession on its toes.  The mystery shopper is here to stay and next year we will be expanding it to even more categories and finalists”

“It’s all about Walking the Talk and we will make sure that they do” Mr Troughton said.