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Having an open home? Two tips to help facilitate the selling process

18 Mar 14

Selling your real estate in this day and age means putting in a lot of work to ensure that potential buyers have every opportunity possible to get a feel for the property. While this means seeking good real estate advice and having your agent create a fantastic profile, the best way to entice people is to stage your own open home. Here are some real estate tips to aid your open home success. 

Clean the property thoroughly

While this may seem like an obvious step to take, there are a wide range of benefits to getting really thorough with the cleaning process. Vacuuming your home, washing the windows and walls, mopping hardwood floors and tiles - all these methods can help you present your home in the most pristine way possible. 

if you aren't a fan of cleaning, it could be worth investigating the option of hiring a professional to help you out. Their eye for detail and expertise in hygiene and cleanliness will go the distance when it comes to presenting your home in the best light possible. 

Prepare inspection reports 

One thing that most people will want to undertake before committing to a property are pest and strata inspections. These involve an independent expert coming into the property and checking for potential signs of rodents or costly repairs in the future. 

There are two benefits to having these inspections done and providing the results to anyone who is interested. Not only will this help to reduce the amount of time spent waiting for an independent person to come and do their own inspections, but it also helps to create transparency and trust between yourself and potential buyers -  proving you have nothing to hide in the property.