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Help people help the environment through home sustainability assessmen

19 Dec 13

All too often, people assume a real estate career means simply being a real estate agent. However, this is just one type of position in the extensive industry.

There are numerous career opportunities within the real estate realm, one being a home sustainability assessor.

What is home sustainability assessment?

A home sustainability assessor is focused on the environmental impact of property. This includes analysing a building's thermal rating, energy usage, water usage and household waste production.

Assessors can provide advice on how to improve sustainability using knowledge based on government legislation and green building research.

Not only can becoming a home sustainability assessor be a profitable career, it can be fulfilling one. Assessors help homeowners protect the environment by reducing a building's environmental footprint.

This can benefit not just homeowners, but everyone in the surrounding community.

Of course, in addition to helping the environment, these assessments can also save homeowners money on energy usage, as well as improve a property's resale value and marketability.

Real estate training essential for home sustainability

Becoming a qualified assessor means investing in real estate courses that provide a comprehensive overview of best practices, occupational health and safety regulations and all the other developmental goals that assessors will need to reach.

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) provides a real estate course for the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment.

Topics include everything from water management to accessing government incentives to help Australians become more sustainable in an affordable manner.

For Australians looking for a fulfilling career that can help both their fellow citizens and the planet as a whole, signing up for courses relating to home sustainability assessment is a smart move.