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How can the Internet aid your real estate career success?

25 Feb 14

Those working towards a real estate career in South Australia can expect to find new, interesting ways of marketing themselves to potential clients, as well as using their imagination to successfully sell these properties in the near future. 

This could occur a number of ways, with effective use of new social media platforms and the Internet in general being an integral part of many people's selling techniques these days. There are a number of reasons for this as well. 

For one, the ease of access to information makes these avenues perfect for conscientious buyers, who are willing to undertake their own market research ahead of approaching a market expert. Fostering an engaging online persona could be a great way to get ahead of the game, showing a proactive attitude towards providing unbiased, accurate information to engage with. 

Furthermore, this doesn't just mean having a Facebook page or Twitter feed. Marketing yourself through video is also an increasingly popular method for people of all professions. Engaging with video and audio can help to foster feelings of familiarity and trust - two things that people are always seeking when it comes to getting sound real estate advice

An example of this was Andrea Kyriacou, a real estate agent for MichaelKris Real Estate in South Australia, who created a hip hop music video to help sell a property in South Australia. The benefit of this was huge, with the video going viral and receiving over 9,000 views overnight - a fantastic result for a property listing. 

Utilising social media to initiate a soft sell is another benefit, with people more likely to come back again if they feel they've developed a relationship with their real estate agent. This comes from having concise, open dialogue with potential clients through your online presence. 

If they approach you and feel in control of the situation, you can help to increase your chance of success.