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How the other half lives – Part II

28 Nov 13

Due to the record breaking numbers of you that read the first story on Vella Real Estate, I thought that my follow-up visit to their office was worthy of a sequel.  Hopefully in the lines of The Godfather Part II and not Legally Blonde 2.

While the number of readers of the first instalment may have been slightly inflated due to Anthony and his staff posting a link to the REISA story in their email signature, I was still very pleased at their continuing promotion of REISA and their obvious pride at being a member.

The sales legislation training session went smoothly.   After drilling Anthony and Don about the prescribed offences and making sure they understood price representations and the difference between handing out comparable versus recent sales to a prospective purchaser, it was once again off to the coffee shop so favourably reviewed in Part I.

In particular, we talked a lot about the state of the market.  It was great to hear that Anthony and Don believed that real estate seemed to be definitely on the upswing, that there was increased confidence among vendors and purchasers about entering the market and that there was a general feeling of optimism out there in the marketplace.  Their passion and excitement about all things real estate was once again clearly on show.

We also had a great conversation about industry practices and how the new legislation would make auction processes more transparent and accountable.  These sorts of conversations are invaluable because they assist REISA in understanding what is going on at the coalface and how the legislation is or isn’t working. However, Anthony then came out with the line of “we are all competitors but we all need to learn to be nice to each other” and I quickly lost interest after that.

They attempted to revive me with tales of Vella’s participation in the Norwood Christmas pageant and Don’s idea for a “REISA picnic” but at this stage I was getting a little nervous about my upcoming session with the property management team.  I have however, passed the picnic idea on to the Marketing team.

Then it was off to the tough part of the afternoon.  And as I predicted, this proved to be a hard sell.  The friendly coffee shop atmosphere disappeared and I was grilled with questions about the impending property management legislation.  Fair enough.  I could not answer some of the questions but assured them that their – and everyone’s concerns expressed throughout the training sessions – had been submitted to Government and that they had promised to go through them in detail and clarify any remaining issues. 

Rest assured, as soon as I know the answers, REISA will be incorporating them into fact sheets so that everyone knows the answers. 

They then forced me to agree to come back in January to finish the training when all the answers were in – and it was then that I thought I may as well do my Certificate IV and join their team.  After all, Anthony had been very cagey when I questioned him about his expansion plans.  Just to make sure, I left my CV at the front desk when I left.

So here ends Greg’s project for this REISA staffer.

Thanks to the Vella team for showing me around and for giving me a good insight into the life of a real estate agent.

All in all it was a great experience and I look forward to whatever enters Greg’s head next.


Paul Edwards

Policy Project Manager