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How to choose the right real estate agent

6 Aug 13

When the time comes to sell your home, it makes sense to hire an agent to manage the sale for you.

Selling a house represents a massive financial transaction, one which you want to entrust to the capable hands of an expert. A professional agent who has completed real estate courses and knows their stuff will ensure you get the best value out of the deal.

Not all agents are equal, so it is important to take the time to select one who you feel meets your particular needs and has your best interests in mind.

Here are some things you should watch out for when choosing an agent to sell your home:

Presentation and communication

Successfully selling a house is an exercise in marketing. Your agent is the first port of call for any potential buyers, so first impressions are crucial.

Make sure they always look sharp and well-presented - not just on the photo on their namecard - and have good communication skills, so they can resolve any issues a buyer may have.

In-depth knowledge

Real estate agents must be knowledgeable both about selling homes and the local area, according to the Property Institute.

Most agents specialise in one or two neighbourhoods, so they are expected to be experts in these areas.

In addition to checking whether they have had the right real estate training, have a look at their sales record - you can find these online for most agents - to see how many homes they have sold in your area. This can be a good indicator of their potential for success.

A good working relationship

You could be working with your agent for weeks or even months, depending on how soon your property is sold.

Therefore it is important you find someone you know you'll get along with, and who understands your needs as well as those of your property, according to NineMSN Australia.

An open working relationship will ensure both parties are satisfied and you can get the best value possible for your home.