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Improve Your Property Management Skills

10 Jul 13

Property management is an integral part of the real estate industry, and having the right skills in this area can go a long way towards ensuring a successful tenant relationship.

As you may well know, tenancies do not always proceed as smoothly as you would like - and when conflicts and issues occur, the value of training in property management can really come into play.

Whether or not you are experienced in property management, the learning process is continual. There are plenty of opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge in this area for the benefit of your agency and your clients.

If you're considering whether specialising in property management is the right path for you, here are a few things to consider.

Useful information and personal requirements

There's no set guidelines on what does or does not make a good property manager, but as a general rule of thumb it's an advantage to have good communication and people skills, as well as being organised, flexible and reliable.

Property managers have to deal with a lot of the day to day issues that can occur during a tenancy, so you may need to think on your feet and put your negotiation and listening skills to good use.

There are also financial and legal aspects to keep in mind, as property managers need to be proactive and up to date with any paperwork concerning a property such as bond lodgement forms and tenancy agreements.

Developing your skills

If you would like a refresher on a particular area of property management or an opportunity to expand your skills in this area, professional development courses are a great avenue for practical learning.

REISA offer a variety of specialised property management courses and sessions so you can tailor your learning, whether you're looking to keep up with property reforms and essential services or improve your trust accounting skills. Click here for further information.