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Is management right for you?

29 May 14

Perhaps you're a successful real estate agent looking to broaden your horizons. Or maybe you're just starting out in the business and need to upskill. Whatever your plans in the near future, you may want to consider a Diploma of Management among the batch of real estate courses you select.

What is successful management anyway?

It's all of the abilities and know-how you need to be an effective supervisor and team leader - those skills that you can't learn by simply reading a book.

Managers provide guidance and leadership to others and are responsible for their team's performance and work - steering the ship so to speak. You may already be a highly skilled and desired worker but are missing a certain something to advance further up the ladder. Think of management as a supplement to your existing knowledge and qualifications to make you a better-rounded real estate agent.

While many agents have a strong background in sales, an increasing amount are acquainting themselves with the basics of management.

Most importantly, a course of this kind can more adequately prepare you for running your own business if, say, you want to open up your own real estate agency. Even if you have no plans to strike out on your own anytime soon, it pays to have those skills for down the line.

If you're not running your own business, it will still make you more employable for other people. Plenty of employers are looking for the kinds of skills a course like this imbues when looking for a middle manager, team leader or supervisor - or even just a regular worker.

Learning how to be a role model, to resolve conflicts, manage risk, prepare budgets and use initiative to cut out inefficiency and improve work practise​s will always be handy no matter what position you aim for. 

REISA offers a Diploma of Management Course that covers all this and more. Speak to REISA Training today on 8366 4360