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Is NOLA wasting taxpayers’ money?

23 Oct 13

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is greatly concerned at the way the National Occupation Licensing Authority (NOLA) is spending its taxpayer funding. NOLA is conducting a round of interstate visits which appear to be both unnecessary and beyond the role the Authority should have.

“The process for national licensing is at the stage where the state and territory treasurers will be deciding on the matter later this year. Consultation at the jurisdictional level, which includes input from NOLA, has concluded. NOLA’s involvement at this stage is totally unnecessary and would appear to amount to no more than lobbying which is inappropriate for NOLA,” said REIA President Mr Peter Bushby.

‘NOLA’s role is to establish a national occupational licensing system for specific occupations across Australia if and when the states and territories agree to do so. It should not be a ‘player’ in the field ‘championing’ particular outcomes.”

“These actions by NOLA come on top of it stating in a media interview during election campaign that the incoming Coalition Government will not change Labor’s implementation of national licensing for real estate agents.”

“Again, it was inappropriate for an administering agency to speculate on what an incoming government may or may not do. It was even more inappropriate that a public servant should be making such comments whilst in caretaker mode.”

“NOLA’s actions are eroding support for national licensing and more generally for initiatives developed through the COAG Council process. They should be sticking to what they were set up to do and not wasting some of their 2013/2014 budget of $8.4m on inappropriate travel and activities,” concluded Mr Bushby.