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It's not just the Titling system SA is famous for....

14 Dec 16

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) embarked on an aggressive adoption of electronic documentation many years ago. REISA no longer prints and sells its documentation in hard copy and stopped that practice over three years ago. It was a tough decision but one that is paying off in dividends now.

CEO Greg Troughton said “it remained important that REISA walk the talk and not send mixed messages to its membership by continuing to sell hard copies of agreements in South Australia".

An important milestone was reached recently with over 30 REISA members using DocuSign to deliver, execute REISA agreements online and get them returned in a secure fashion.

"This is not the big "D" disruption that gets bandied about too much in the real estate world - what it really means is delivering services the new way that on old customer now wants" Mr Troughton said.

REI Forms Live platform - that is used widely around Australia - has been linked to Docusign to make the process seamless. South Australia is the first State to adopt it and the real estate profession is loving it - along with their property clientele.

"My members can now send an agreement to an investor half way around the world and know it is safe and secure with their electronic signing using their finger on the device's screen if need be. Members love the convenience and we can already see the word of mouth spreading throughout the SA real estate profession" Mr Troughton said.

The Docusign process is the equivalent of having an Armaguard vehicle turn up to the agency, have that Armaguard courier deliver the documentation, obtain a signature and return it with confidence that what was sent is received with confidence.

"Whilst it remains critical that real estate agents continue to deliver face to face service to their clientele, where that is not possible then they can rely on sending documentation with confidence" Mr Troughton said.

The real estate profession in South Australia are once again leading the way. Just as the Torrens Title system is universally recognised as the best throughout the world, so to is the adoption of Docusign within REI Forms Live in SA!