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Job satisfaction is high in Australia

28 Nov 13

If you're currently happy in your real estate career, you're contributing to the overwhelmingly positive job satisfaction rates in Australia.

New research from Roy Morgan shows job satisfaction in the lucky country is strong, with 75.4 per cent of us describing ourselves as being either satisfied or very satisfied in our current job. This is despite the same research showing over a quarter of us work more than 40 hours a week, despite the official full-time working week being set at 38 hours.

Those real estate agents guilty of staying glued to their desks and cell phones throughout the day may make up the one in five Australians who work over 60 hours a week. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider striking a more effective work/life balance!

Despite our long hours, 32.5 per cent of us claim to be very satisfied in our current positions. Job satisfaction can come from a range of different factors, especially in the real estate industry.
Contributors include a sense of job security, healthy salary and recognition of work well done.

Because many agents effectively manage their own workloads and dictate how much time and effort they put into their role, it would make sense for those in the real estate market to contribute to positive job satisfaction figures.

Half of all Australians surveyed feel secure in their jobs, and of those, almost 90 per cent are either satisfied or very satisfied in their positions. This suggests the link between job security and satisfaction is a strong one indeed.

Of those who believe their pay is good or very good (almost half of Australians), over 87 per cent are satisfied or very satisfied in their work.