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National standards need to equal excellence

22 Aug 12

Any changes to real estate entry level standards must ensure that all South Australians can be assured of professionalism and excellence, the Real Estate Institute of SA (REISA) said today.

REISA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Greg Troughton, said that national licensing proposals were now on the table and it was important to consider each proposal in detail to ensure that no States sees a demise in standards.

“In South Australia, we have high levels of entry for both sales representatives and agents and under national licensing, this can’t be diminished, otherwise there will be substantial consumer risk,” Mr Troughton said ahead of a national REI meeting tomorrow in Canberra.

“Tomorrow, REIA is hosting a critical meeting to let all States work together and formulate a national response to the regulatory impact statement on national licensing.”

“Nationally, we strongly agree that standards are critical for professionalism and that’s what our clients have a right to demand and expect.”

“What REI’s nationally will now do, as a collective, is examine all the intricacies of our practices, State to State, to ensure that no part of real estate practice is overlooked with any changes to licensing.”

“As REIA members it’s an important part of the process to work together nationally so that we can highlight the positives and negatives of any proposals, for each of our States.”

“REISA is whole-heartedly behind the national concerns regarding the upholding of entry standards, abolishment of compulsory professional development training and supporting agent’s holding their Diploma qualification.”

“We are now at the point of fleshing out every option to make sure we don’t overlook consumer protection issues.”

Commenting on how national licensing may provide positive opportunities, Mr Troughton said that the proposal to capture property managers in SA through a new licensing system is important.

“For many years, REISA members have supported registration of property managers to set a minimum standard and bring our SA property managers in line with their national counterparts,” he said.

“Another important consideration for SA is the amount of documentation which our sales representatives complete on behalf of clients, such as disclosure statements and contracts for sale.”

“In SA, our sales representatives and agents complete more documentation than their interstate colleagues. REISA believes that if people are completing this documentation, they must know every clause and condition and currently, this is the training which is delivered by quality training providers based in SA.”