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20 Mar 15

REISA’s Mentoring Program is flying.

And applications are now open.  It’s a rolling intake so you can apply at any time.

Click here to read more about the Program.

The program is a fantastic way to upskill, network, learn and have fun.

And it’s not just us who thinks the Program is something special – take a look at a testimonial from a 2014 Mentee who took the leap and is very happy she did.

I want to say a huge thanks to all involved at REISA for running the mentoring program in 2014. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am a big believer that you can never have too much training in this job, so I thought that it would be very interesting to see where it all led. 

From the beginning I was kept well informed of the process, and once I decided the kind of mentor I thought would work best for me, it all went very quickly. Penny Riggs was a brilliant match for me - female, in the industry for a number of years and just a truly lovely person to have as a mentor. We met once a month at various places over the 6 months; we visited each other’s workplaces to see how they functioned.  It was a fascinating process and I learnt so much from Penny and I will definitely be using those skills and processes for the rest of my working life. Quickly I came to rely on Penny; if I had any particular questions about the job or just to discuss how things were going, I gave her a call.  We had cemented a professional and friendly relationship that allowed us both to feel comfortable enough to communicate openly, even being in different companies.

My confidence soared and I found ways of working that suited me so much better.  Sales is a difficult job at times - so it is fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas or even emotions off. Try the mentoring program!  I couldn’t recommend it more, especially if you are new to the industry or even a well seasoned person who just wants a fresh set of eyes about how they may be able to work more efficiently/differently! 

Briony Hunt
Harcourts Blackwood