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Preparing for an open home

21 Oct 13

If you're preparing to sell up, there's a good chance your home will be subject to inspection during the near future. Follow this real estate advice to ensure you're as prepared as possible for your first open home.

Work with a professional

Selling your home can be a big project, so you want to hire the best possible agent you can to help get the best sales results. Check they have undergone proper real estate training and that you're both on the same page when it comes to sales objectives and outcomes. You want your real estate agent to have your best interests at heart.

Clean the house from top to bottom

If you're not fond of cleaning, consider hiring a professional to come and give your property a thorough scrub. It's vital that your home looks like it's in good condition, as an unclean house may suggest to viewers that it hasn't been well maintained.

Prepare a flyer

A property description sheet is a great way to ensure buyers remember your home long after they've left it. Often, people will view several homes in one day, so you want them to remember yours above the competition. The flyer should include photos that show off the home's assets and include key features of the property.

Request buyer feedback

Many open homes these days require potential buyers to provide their contact information so that agents can follow up after the viewing is over. Another option is to ask people to fill out feedback sheets to provide you with what they did and didn't like about your home.

Offer guided tours

Some people like to look at a home on their own, but others may prefer to have an agent on hand to point out the property's best features. Have someone available to show people around the house, but respect that others may want privacy.