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Real estate advice for university students

1 Aug 13

University has just started again around the country, and some students are still scrambling to secure accommodation for the semester.

With assignments, tests and exams set to come flooding in over the following weeks, life will be stressful enough without the added inconvenience of having to find a roof over your head.

If you've been too busy partying over the university break to go house-hunting, here are some real estate tips to make sure you can find appropriate accommodation and study with peace of mind.

The first and most logical step would be to have a look around the housing options offered by your university to see if there are still rooms available.

There are online forums and message boards specifically for advertising vacancies for students, so search for the ones in your local area.

Every university has its own set of residential buildings, catering for all types of students - from single-sex dorms to larger flats for mature students with children.

These are usually a safe bet as the buildings are owned and operated by the university, and the application process is relatively straightforward. Many also offer perks such as insurance and some utilities as part of the rent.

However, this also means that they are very popular, and if the allocations have been exhausted at your university, you may have to do an independent search for private properties.

Your university can be a good starting place for these as well - most institutions have a rental database to help their students find a home.

The University of South Australia is a good example. Its website lists the latest student-friendly vacancies in the SA private sector.

If you're looking to share a larger building with a few other flatmates, why not consider a house in Parkside?

The South Australian neighbourhood is currently the most searched suburb in Australia, according to

Less than 10 minutes away from both the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, it is a great spot to set up camp throughout the semester.