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Real estate agents could capitalise on sustainability trend

23 Jan 14

As demand for sustainable housing goes up, real estate agents are in a good position to promote the benefits of environmentally friendly features such as solar panels and rainwater tanks.

According to the Australian Institute of Architects' housing and inspection design service, Archicentre, sustainable homes are not just practical - they are also a lucrative investment opportunity.

Archicentre General Manager Cameron Frazer recently highlighted the benefits of sustainable housing in a public statement.

"The rising costs of energy and water means green design has now turned into a substantial money-making investment and a lifestyle trend," Mr Frazer said.

"This trend is often used by real estate agents to promote the home's sustainability with the rainwater tank or bank of solar panels as a major advantage when homes are sold."

Mr Frazer went on to add that sustainable housing could save investors and home owners "thousands of dollars in the future", especially in the face of increasing energy and water prices.

Real estate agents looking to capitalise on this trend and promote energy efficient homes may want to conduct research into what makes a property sustainable.

According to Mr Frazer, homes that offer true cost savings need to be designed to a high standard, taking into account the many different factors that influence sustainability.

"This [is] not about new products, or five or six star ratings, it is about recognising and encouraging the principles of good design combined with environmental excellence and governance," he explained.

"The key to year-round comfort is passive solar design, which carefully combines materials, methods, building form and the sun's natural energy to help keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter."

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