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Real estate industry supports promising new talent

18 Dec 13

The Apprenticeship Brokers are in schools most weeks of the year supporting students to gain school based traineeships and apprenticeships, they work with employers to determine their student employment needs and employer/ student match by supporting students to be work ready and filtering unsuitable applicants, supporting the employer to employ ‘the cream of the crop’ of students who are ready to work, and committed to the role you are looking to fill.

School based apprenticeships in their basic form are; 1 day a week (8 hours minimum) in paid work starting their traineeship, 1 day a week in training and 3 days a week at school. The day per week in training enables them to gain SACE credits; it’s like swapping a few subjects at school that may not be so relevant to them for a subject that is relevant. Often a traineeship is worth 2 full year subjects. This is how we can give them time off to work and study.

As an employer, you get to choose your staff and train them from the start how you like, and essentially get an employee, if it’s done across 2 years, for half price. It doesn’t always take 2 years, and this is a great opportunity with the current government incentives available to employers (at the moment they’re around $5700 for a school based trainee who finishes year 12 with you as part of their traineeship).

For real estate agents, many of the topics on the new scope of REISA can be done as a traineeship, such as; Certificate III in Information, digital media and technology, Certificate IV in Business Administration, Certificate III Property (Agency) and more. 

Expressions of interest should be Chris Jansse on 8366 4308 or email