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Real estate resolutions for 2014

22 Nov 13

It's often at this time of year that people start thinking of New Year's resolutions.

If you're a professional with a real estate career, why not make a special set of resolutions this December 31st?

Improve your skillset

Rather than giving up smoking or exercising regularly (or, perhaps, as well as!), why not look for ways to better your career?

For some this may mean putting in more hours at the office, while others could set themselves specific targets to meet throughout the year.

One way to improve your property career is by updating your skillset with a professional course. REISA offers a range of papers and real estate training to help you meet your goals faster and more effectively. You could simply brush up on your legislation or delve into the world of property management.

Focus on your work/life balance

More than a quarter of all Australians in paid full time work spend more than 40 hours a week doing their job, according to a new Roy Morgan study. If you find yourself sitting in your office long after everyone goes home, or taking your work home with you at the weekend, it might be time to address your work/life balance.

You could start simply by removing distractions at work to avoid procrastinating. Set regular goals throughout the day to have set tasks completed by certain times, and avoid the temptation to gossip the day away with your coworkers.

If you've improved your focus and you're still finding there are simply not enough hours in your day, it might be time to have a chat to your manager about scaling back your workload or responsibilities.