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REIA helps non-english speakers navigate the rental market

30 Aug 12

To assist real estate agents in communicating with their non-English speaking clients about tenancy issues, the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), in partnership with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), has translated the ‘REIA Consumer Fact Sheet – Renting a Property – Tenant’ into the top ten new and emerging community languages:
Arabic, Hazaragi (Dari), Farsi (Persian), Mandarin (Chinese), Karen (Myanmar), Hakha-Chin (Bangladesh, Myanmar, India), Tamil (Sri Lank, India), Kurdish, Nepali and Dinka (Southern Sudan).

REIA President Ms Pamela Bennett says, “Low vacancy rates have resulted in an increasingly competitive private rental market, which poses particular challenges for new Australians with little or no English”.

The pilot initiative extends free telephone interpreting services to selected real estate agents around Australia and feedback shows the service has been successful in helping non-English speaking residents to communicate with real estate agents.
Ms Bennett says, “Approximately 76 agencies nationwide have used the fee-free interpreting service, 227 times in total and interpreters have been used to facilitate phone calls between real estate agents and clients in more than 30 languages.”

“There has been a strong uptake of the service, particularly in NSW, Victoria and QLD, where we’ve seen high settlement rates” Ms Bennett concluded.

Translated pages can be found at

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