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REISA Calls for Higher Standards

24 Sep 15

REISA is disappointed that the entire real estate profession's reputation is again on the line.

Chief Executive Officer, Greg Troughton said “Reputation is everything in real estate and seeing the guilty plea of an agent selling their own listing to their sister without following the required process is unforgivable!”

“As a result, whilst Government needs to be recognised for the strengthening of consumer protection in real estate over recent years, the door is still left wide open for some unscrupulous players to enter and remain in the profession. After all it takes longer to be trained as a hairdresser than it does to become a licensed real estate agent.”

“Furthermore, once in the club, there is absolutely no further education or training required to remain in real estate - unlike in WA and NSW where compulsory ongoing Professional Development is a condition of remaining licensed.  On that note, even marriage celebrants are required to undertake ongoing education and training - yet not in real estate in South Australia” said Mr Troughton.

REISA calls for higher entry standards and ongoing training to maintain licensing in SA.  Whilst not the silver bullet, if done in conjunction with the stronger legislation put in place in 2014, it should go a long way in protecting the real estate consumer.