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REISA hits the airwaves

14 Aug 13

Today, Greg Troughton appeared on the Leon Byner Show on 5AA to discuss the consequences of the impending national licensing changes for real estate agents and sales representatives on the South Australian consumer.

Again, Greg expressed his dismay at the recent – and probably final – consultation paper - of the Federal bureaucrats that advocates the slashing of qualification standards for entry into the real estate industry here in South Australia.

This is not only a real estate issue – it is an issue that goes to the heart of consumer protection and ensuring that consumers are represented efficiently and knowledgeably.  Given the fact that a real estate transaction represents the largest financial investment one probably makes in their lifetime, it is absolutely imperative that those representing your interests are as trained, educated and informed as possible.

The Minister also appeared on the show and we are delighted that he once again, expressed his support for Greg’s concerns and his willingness to work towards finding a solution that protected South Australia’s unique position in the national real estate market.  The Minister again stated publicly that he would continue to defend the current South Australian standard.

In particular, it was heartening to hear the Minister say that while he does not oppose uniformity per se, it can get absurd when you have a lowest common denominator which everyone is then compelled to follow.  This is precisely the scenario we are now facing.

REISA is delighted that the Minister continues to be its staunchest ally in the proposed national licensing regime and it looks forward to further involvement with the State Government on the way forward.