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REISA meets with SACAT

16 Nov 16

REISA  (Greg Troughton, Paul Edwards, Ben Philpott) today had a very constructive, candid and productive meeting with Barbara Johns (Executive Senior Member), Clare Byrt (Principal Registrar) and Laura Giaretto (Deputy Registrar) in which the following issues were discussed in great depth:

  • Delays in hearings
  • Payment plans
  • Self executing orders
  • Bailiff issues
  • Finalisation of bond claims
  • Decision making
  • Role of the Tenant Advocate.

The views of REISA members were very clearly put forward to SACAT and ways of moving forward were canvassed in great detail.  REISA will keep you fully informed of the progress of some of these measures over the coming months.

REISA will also be developing training and advocacy sessions to discuss issues of documentation / conciliation that are of concern to both parties and we are delighted that Barbara Johns has agreed to present some sessions at REISA in the New Year.

If any of you have any issues with SACAT processes or decisions, please email them to and I will forward them to SACAT for information, dissemination and education.