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REISA needs your feedback

13 Jun 14

REISA is currently working on its submission to Government on the new residential tenancies legislation.

REISA has already identified some issues that need amending or clarification.  These relate to rights of entry, manuals, negligent damage and pet bonds.

However, we need your help with this process!!!

You are out at the coalface implementing this new legislation.  You are in the best position to let us know what is and isn’t working.

Are there any problems you are facing on a daily basis ?  Is there anything in the Forms you would like fixed?  Is there anything that is not working or causing you extra time and inconvenience?  Is there anything you would like clarified?

It doesn’t matter how small the problem is - speak now or forever hold your peace.

Send your feedback to or ring him on 8366 4362 to discuss

Paul Edwards
Policy Project Manager