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RP Data: Real estate agent activity increased during January

25 Feb 14

A recent RP Data Research blog post has highlighted an increasing degree of activity for real estate agents across the nation, which could be great news for those considering real estate training in the coming years. 

In fact, the RP Data Listing Index (RLI) is currently tracking at record levels after a seasonal slump in activity, which could highlight an increasing market strength - one that is only expected to continue upwards as more and more people respond to the low official cash rate and continue taking up home loans in the near future. 

There were over 65,000 incidences of market activity recorded over the 28 days ending February 9, which is a record last seen in January 2009. This could be encouraging news for those working towards real estate careers.

In Adelaide alone, the supply has been recorded as tight. An average of 1,880 listings per month have been recorded over the last year, while the sales rate rested at 2,240. This is great news for sellers of property, with the increased buyer demand being facilitated by ideal economic conditions and the expected national population boom over the next few years.

Tim Lawless, head of the RP Data Research team, said there was an expected increase in properties being put on the market as the nation heads into autumn. 

"Prospective vendors are likely to be confident considering the current housing market conditions are mostly favouring sellers rather than buyers - putting it simply, it's a great time to be selling a property," said Mr Lawless in a February 14 blog post. 

This could be great news for anyone currently doing real estate courses, or those considering it for their future. It's great news to see the nation's real estate market turning around, with the prospect of further growth extremely likely on the horizon.