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SA continues to lead the way in social housing

6 Sep 13

The latest community projects in South Australia - such as the Westwood Project and New Ideas for Growth - are proving that the state continues to be at the forefront of social welfare in the country.

The Westwood Project set out to revitalise Ferryden Park as well as other areas of Adelaide by providing substantial more affordable housing in the region.

In a September 3 media release, Minister for Social Housing Tony Piccolo explained just how much the project means to the South Australian community.

"The Westwood Project is the largest urban renewal project in Australia, and is a reminder of the truly great things we can achieve when we work together to build stronger communities," he said.

"Through a significant investment from the state government, local government and the private sector, this 12-year project has delivered a safe and sustainable community - a community that residents can be proud of."

Mr Piccolo also announced further details of the government's New Ideas for Growth program, which is a long-term project aimed at providing more social housing amenities for South Australians in need.

The program provides an open forum for members of the community to put forward ideas on expanding the social housing sector in South Australia and on how to "better connect people to place".

According to Mr Piccolo, New Ideas for Growth will give funding of up to $10,000 for the proposals of several community housing ideas that can be implemented in the state.

Therefore, anyone in South Australia who has a clear idea on how the community housing sector in the state should move forward is encouraged to take Mr Piccolo's real estate advice and make a submission.

South Australia's leadership in such social initiatives is by no means new. These developments follow the rise of Common Ground services in the state, with a proposed site in Port Augusta adding to the facility which opened in Adelaide's CBD last month.