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SA Government to support workers affected by Holden closure

26 Jan 14

Real estate agents in South Australia may be pleased to know the state government has agreed to help workers impacted by the closure of a Holden manufacturing factory.

The government has committed to creating more jobs for SA residents, highlighting this as a current priority. Stable economies tend to attract more confident real estate investors and stabilise market conditions, so the government's commitment may come as good news to agents in the region.

Premier Jay Weatherill explicitly expressed his support following the news of Holden's closure and said he would be taking the matter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He added that he was confident the state would overcome this minor setback.

"South Australians have always demonstrated their enormous resilience in the face of adversity. We will face this challenge, we will overcome it and we will emerge stronger," Mr Weatherill asserted.

SA Unions is also calling on the federal government to follow Mr Weatherill's lead and look to what can be done to foster employment growth in the state.

Announcements such as the Holden manufacturing closure do not only challenge those directly impacted, such as employees, but also a range of other businesses in the state.

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