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Selling property in a heat wave: Real estate tips for agents

16 Jan 14

The property industry in South Australia may be heating up, but so is the weather. The state is currently in the midst of a heat wave, labelled 'extreme' by some media reports, and residents are therefore advised to take it easy over the next few days.

However, for many it will be business as usual, and for real estate agents in particular property deals are still expected to go ahead despite the hot weather.

In fact, agents may want to use this as an opportunity to advise clients of the benefits of looking for homes that feature sustainable designs, such as solar panels.

With heat waves becoming a more common occurrence in Adelaide and across South Australia, property investors may find they attract a lot of interest for sustainable homes.

According to the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), demand for electricity across the state is expected to reach levels not seen since late January 2011. Earlier this week (January 14), maximum demand for electricity reached 3,046 MW, a figure that could very well rise if the temperatures increase further.

ESAA chief executive Matthew Warren said the heat was putting pressure on the state's infrastructure despite an influx of solar panel installations in recent times, suggesting South Australia still has a long way to go before it is home to sustainable energy solutions.

"The hot weather is back this summer. Even with more solar panels around now, the increased demand from more widespread use of air-conditioners means record electricity demand this week is a real possibility," Mr Warren said.

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