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Share a drop. Save a life

28 Aug 13

Some would say the Real Estate Industry is not averse to blood. There has been some blood-letting among its members over the years… the odd blood feud… and we’re all experienced in the sort of blood and thunder commitment needed to survive in tough times.

We’re constantly exhorted to get blood from a stone when it comes to maximising selling prices and most of us have been bloodied at some time or other in our dealings with difficult vendors or buyers.

So here is the chance to put all that blood-stained experience to a greater purpose.

We want you all to get your blood up and make this Blood Challenge a proper blood bath of generosity. We need you all to become blood-thirsty, bloodhounds straining at the leash to make the next three months a saga steeped in blood, one that others will recall in years to come as a bloody marvel.

It might be a little blood-curdling giving blood if you’ve not done it before but the people at Red Cross are bloody beauties when it come to putting you at ease before they let the blood flow.

Let’s all swear a blood oath to get behind this Blood Challenge because, despite our differences, we’re all part of this wonderful industry and blood is certainly thicker than water.

So band together blood-brothers and sisters so that we can all say come October “Bloody ripper, we reached our bloody target.”

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