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Tenancy disputes: Two steps to help resolve complicated situations

18 Mar 14

Being a landlord is a great way to get ahead in life while also helping to provide people with the basic accommodation needed to enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle. And while the ideal renter situation would be one of uncomplicated, minimal contact, this is hardly ever the case. 

It is your responsibility as a landlord to take care of the needs of your tenants with regards to house issues, including repairs and any other problems that might occur during their stay. However, sometimes there are altercations that escalate where you may need to figure out the appropriate steps to defuse a situation. 

The most important thing to do is act as soon as possible. Don't let tenancy disputes fester away for extended periods of time, otherwise you could find new issues appearing or old grievances becoming more tangled than originally thought. 

Remain calm

Keeping yourself level headed throughout the situation will help you make rational decisions. Being blinded by emotion can lead to rash choices, which open you up to retaliatory action or even legal disputes in the long run. 

Speaking with your tenant about the problem that has arisen and trying to work through this together is the best way to resolve these types of issues. Unfortunately, sometimes diplomacy isn't as effective as one might hope. 

Speak to you property manager

One way to avoid this completely is to hire the services of a property manager. This way, they will be the ones who take care of any issues that arise immediately. In a case where things escalate to a legal situation, their up-to-date knowledge of the laws surrounding landlord and tenant rights will ensure both parties get a fair deal. 

Their real estate advice is invaluable, so you should consider seeking the services of a property manager in the future to avoid stressful tenancy issues.